Why choose Corkdorks for your wedding or bridal event?

Whether you are looking to celebrate with your wedding party, find the perfect pairing for your reception, or give a gift even the guys will love, we’ve got you covered. We have been doing this for over 25 years and can narrow down thousands of options to exactly what you need.


Perks of planning with us:

1. Services that Simplify

Imagine walking into your hotel or venue with everything you need for a good time, already there waiting for you. That’s right, we can deliver orders to your venue. 


2. Pairing Expertise

Bring in your menu and we will set up a tasting to make sure that what we select for you is perfect for your big day.


3. Access to Impressive Gifts

We have some of the rarest bourbons, whiskeys, wines, and hard to find spirits that make for unforgettable gifts.


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How much will I need?

Calculate Your Event Needs Here with our Drink Calculator!

Count on guests consuming two drinks in the first hour of your event and one drink during each following hour. Are you serving wine, beer and spirits? The general rule of thumb is 35 percent of your guests will prefer wine, 20 percent will prefer beer and 45 percent will prefer mixed drinks.


Just offering wine and beer? Plan on 70 percent of your guests drinking wine and 30 percent drinking beer. It is also important to know how many bar stations.


Use our easy drink calculator to determine how much wine, beer and spirits you’ll need for your gathering.


Other Events

You certainly don’t have to be getting married to have a reason to celebrate. Whether your event is for work, a holiday, graduation, dinner party, small gathering or large party, we can make sure you have the perfect drinks for your guests.